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  • How do bilberries work for the eyes?

    Bilberrygrows in temperate regions, and its fruit can be eaten directly or used to make desserts, preserves, or beverages. Bilberry leaves also have a long history of being used to treat gastrointestinal ailments. So how does bilberry protect the eyes?1 Bilberry is believed to have the ability to promote night vision:Why does bilberry have this effect? Because the rhodopsin in our retina can receive light and convert the light into nerve signals to the brain. Studies have shown that bilberry can

  • The powerful function of lutein in eye-care products

    Luteinis one of the 600 known carotenoids. Lutein is present in corn, egg yolks and other yellow and green plants and vegetables, as well as in eye tissues, especially the pigments of the retina and part of the lens.Lutein is the main pigment in the macular region of the retina of the human eye. Human eyes contain a high amount of lutein, which cannot be manufactured by the human body and must be supplemented by ingesting lutein. Scientific research has shown that lutein may slow down age-relate

  • Function of Desertliving Cistanche Extract

    TheDesertliving Cistanche Extracthas more than ten kinds of amino acids, a variety of alkaloids, such as phenethyl alcohol glycoside, echinacoside, acteoside, cycloalkene ether terpenoids, lignans, polysaccharides, etc.. . Cistanche has the function of improving male sexual, the treatment of women palace cold infertility, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, improve immunity, enhance memory, and other functions.1. Boosts immunityCistanche deserticola is a rare medicinal material that can excite the pitui

  • What is the difference of bilberry and blueberry in eye-care products

    Bilberriesare also called wildEuropean blueberries;blueberriesare called American blueberries. Bilberry is mainly distributed in Nordic regions such as Scandinavia, Finland, Russia and other places, while blueberries are widely produced and relatively common. The fruit of blueberry is clustered, while the fruit of bilberry is often solitary or opposite, and the fruit is softer and more juicy than blueberry, so it is not easy to transport and the price is often higher. The bilberries are smaller

  • The magical function of saw palmetto extract

    1. Anticancer activityIn vitro experiments found thatsaw palmetto extractinduces growth inhibition and pro-apoptosis of prostate cancer cells, and inhibits the proliferation of human breast cancer cells in a dose-dependent manner. In glioma patients, T lymphocytes, especially CD4+ T cells, were severely reduced in number, and saw palmetto extract could increase the percentage of glioma CD4+ T cells in GL261 rats in a dose-dependent manner . Saw palmetto extract can effectively induce apoptosis o

  • Best selling food supplement in U.S. in 2021

    It is expected that in 2022, consumers will still pay great attention to improving immunity and emotional support, mainly to relieve stress and relax the mind, GABA, saffron, skullcap, lemon balsam, spearmint, chamomile, jujube kernel, kava, Magnolia , Lavender are mildly calming, while more powerful nerve relaxants are Valerian and Hops. Often used with other stress support ingredients such asGABA, magnesium and vitamin D.Probiotic ingredients are also commonly used for mood management, and the

  • Functional food supplement market in U.S. in 2021

    In terms of functional ingredients, Ashwagandha had the highest growth rate at 165.5%, byshiitake mushroomsanddandelionat 65% and 60.6%, respectively, according to a study of dietary supplements in the United States.Shiitake mushrooms are a common ingredient and are nutritious, containing all the essential amino acids, iron, and B vitamins. Thebeta-glucanin shiitake mushrooms has been shown to trigger the production of T cells and natural killer cells, which can help boost the bodys immunity a

  • Coenzyme Q10 & Vitamin E, help women get pregnant

    Medical research has shown that ovarian reserve and egg quality have a great influence on the success rate of conception.Coenzyme Q10is beneficial for all women who are trying to conceive; the higher the coenzyme Q10 level, the better the egg quality and the higher the pregnancy rate; it can be concluded that taking coenzyme Q10 is an effective way to improve egg quality . Deficiency ofCoQ10increases oxidative stress in oocytes, causes mitochondrial dysfunction, accelerates oocyte apoptosis, and






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